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EventSentry Admin Assistant screenshot

icon EventSentry Admin Assistant

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:22

EventSentry Admin Assistant (formerly AutoAdministrator) lets you query or update a variety of Windows settings and services across any number of servers and/or workstations, without the need to create a script or perform the... more

EventSentry Light screenshot

icon EventSentry Light

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:88

EventSentry Light enables system administrators to have eventlog messages sent by email. The free version allows you to specify one filter criteria, to limit notification to selected (or all) events, based on EventID, category... more

EventSentry SysAdmin Tools screenshot

icon EventSentry SysAdmin Tools

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (1)
  • Popularity:22

EventSentry SysAdmin Tools (formely NTToolkit) is a collection of tools for Windows administrators. It includes 15 command-line utilities and a GUI versions of Password Assistant and IPMon+. The tools include ServiceSecure... more

Gateway IP Monitor screenshot

icon Gateway IP Monitor

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (2)
  • Popularity:11

Gateway IP Monitor is a tool, that is useful for users with a DSL/cable internet connection, who would like monitor their external IP address. The service monitors your external IP address by periodically connecting to a web... more