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A Great Grabber screenshot

icon A Great Grabber

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:44

A Great Grabber is a file downloader, that can scan web addresses and download all files that match your criteria. It includes an integrated image viewer, audio player and video viewer to view the downloaded content. Just... more

CamLAN screenshot

icon CamLAN

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:66

CamLAN is a simple client/server web cam application that allows a CamLAN client to connect to the web cam from the local network or across the Internet (IP address). The clients can specify the size of the display and the... more

CamPermanent screenshot

icon CamPermanent

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (1)
  • Popularity:66

CamPermanent is a complete webcam/netcam management solution that supports regular Webcams, IP-Cams and external video devices. It allows you to monitor and record video or still pictures from multiple devices, either... more

CamUniversal screenshot

icon CamUniversal

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:77

CamUniversal is a centralized web cam monitoring solution that supports WebCams, NetCams (IP-Cams) and all other video devices, running with a Windows capture driver. It also includes network server/client functionality to... more

CrazyClock screenshot

icon CrazyClock

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:11

CrazyClock is customizable clock that displays the current time and date on your desktop. You can select the font type and size or choose one of several effect presets (color fades, snow etc.). The program also includes a... more

WebCam-Control-Center screenshot

icon WebCam-Control-Center

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:55

WebCam-Control-Center enables you to easily add live Webcam images to your website. It`s motion detection system and auto-capture makes it easy to monitor an area with your Webcam. Schedule its Email/FTP client to upload video... more