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55  Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer

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Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer screenshot

icon Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: 5 (2)
  • Popularity:55

Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer is a TCP/IP Network Sniffer and Analyzer that offers real time monitoring and data analyzing of network traffic. In addition to Packet Analysis, Capsa also offers Email Analysis, Web Analysis... more

Colasoft MAC Scanner screenshot

icon Colasoft MAC Scanner

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:11

Colasoft MAC Scanner allows you to scan your network and gather a list of MAC addresses, along with IP address, machine name and manufacturer information (if available). The program can automatically detect all subnets... more

Colasoft Ping Tool screenshot

icon Colasoft Ping Tool

  • Our Rating: stars
  • User Rating: none
  • Popularity:11

Colasoft Ping Tool is a graphical ping tool that supports multiple IP addresses (or domains) and present the ping statistics in an easy-to-read 3D chart, that can optionally be saved as bitmap image. Along with the graph, the... more