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screen capture and upload ZScreen is a unique screen capture and processing tool that can capture screenshots, text and files, automatically upload them to a variety of online servers and place the reference URL into your clipboard for instant pasting or sharing. The program comes pre-configured for a wide range of online services (Twitter, Pastebin,ImageShack, RapidShare, TinyURL and many others) and you can also add custom upload configurations to upload files to your hosting account or any other destination. zScreen supports a full range of screen capture features with support for different capture modes (active window, area, object etc.), optional watermark overlays, automatic image resizing, customizable file naming patterns and more. In addition to capturing and processing screenshots, the program can also process files or text snippets that you copy to the clipboard and automatically upload them to the selected destination. ZScreen is highly customizable and can perform almost any job that involves automatic capture and uploading of files. Copyright Snapfiles.com

ZScreen is currently not available.

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