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hard drive cloning XXCLONE enables you to create a clone of your hard drive on another disk and use it for backup or emergency recovery. The backup disk can be set bootable, allowing you to simply switch hard drives and run your system from the cloned drive if disk failure or other problems force such a measure, or if you want to upgrade to a new hard drive. Unlike disk imaging tools, XXCLONE does not create a disk image but instead uses standard file copy procedures to copy files to the new volume. You may copy from FAT to NTFS or vice versa. The program supports USB disks, ATA and SATA drives. You can also duplicate the Volume ID, repair a non-bootable disk, and more. The freeware version of XXCLONE has some limitations. It is designed to migrate your system to a new hard drive and only works if your system (C:) drive is either the source or the target volume. Incremental backup features are not available in the free version. Copyright Snapfiles.com

XXCLONE Freeware is currently not available.

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