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self-learning system Vocabulary Instiller is a simply self-learning system that enables you to train vocabulary, prepare for an exam, practice SAT words and more. You can create a list of custom words or question/answer pairs that you want to be tested with and the program will pop-up a quiz window at custom intervals, prompting you to answer one of the questions you prepared. You can then rate your response on a scale from A to F which will be used to dynamically adjust the order and frequency of the questions so that questions that you are having difficulties with will be asked more frequently. You can adjust a variety of settings to customize the delay between questions, change rating rules and more. If you can overcome the poor interface design, the lack of import features and non-existing documentation, Vocabulary Instiller can be quite useful for self-testing your knowledge. Standalone software, no installation required. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Vocabulary Instiller is currently not available.

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