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virtualization software VirtualBox is an Open Source virtualization software that enables you to run one or more operating systems within a virtual machine while running Windows. The program comes with an easy to use interface and step by step wizards that allow you to create your first VM within a matter of minutes. VirtualBox fully supports shared folder for easy data exchange between hosts and guests, as well as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual USB Controllers and USB over RDP. Copyright

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PublisherOracle Corporation(2)Price Free
Version6.1.16  historyLast updatedOct 21, 2020
File Size108. Mb RequirementsNone

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Now i can run my old 16-bit programs 5 starsby dan-fan-cc417 May 11, 2018 (Read all my 2 reviews)
VirtualBox is amazing for a free program. I created a virtual drive. Then I installed XP to that drive. Then I installed the two 16-bit programs that I have been using for decades to handle my financial data. All worked perfectly. I also have an old game that I am kind of addicted to. This also installed and ran perfectly. It took a little fine tuning to defeat some delays in the mouse reaction, but that wasn't too hard. My only suggestion is that a "Virtual Box for Dummies" document is needed. The existing documentation is rather obtuse on many things. Thanks, Oracle. showReview details
Lots of promise3 starsby Irritated Feb 18, 2011 (Read all my 12 reviews)
...but not ready for real-world usage yet. My experience with Virtualbox was full of hope, but in the end disappointing. It is pretty buggy, and I was spending more time hunting down errors and obscure error messages than I was working. For example, the USB connect functions don't work on 64-bit host OSes. This latest release has reduced slightly the number of as-yet-unresolved critical bugs, but is still not as stable as MS Virtual PC (which is limited to Windows guest OSes). If the engineers behind VirtualBox keep going it can be a great product ... worth following up on as it matures. The good news is the the VMware Player is also free, super stable, and can now make virtual machines as well as play them. It lacks the "snapshot features" of VirtualBox, but is a lot more stable. showReview details
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