USB Flash Drives Control

USB Flash Drives Control

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control access to USB flash drives USB Flash Drives Control is a small program that enables you to control how USB flash drives are used on your computer. Simply right-click the newly added system tray icon and choose to limit USB Flash drives to "Read Only" or "Deny Execute" mode or disable them completely. The "Read Only" mode allows you top open files from a USB Flash drive, but no files can be written to it. This mode is useful to prevent others from using a USB drive to steal data from your computer. The "Deny Execute" mode is more lenient and allows data transfer but prevents executables to be run from a USB Flash drive. This mode is designed to prevent others from installing potentially harmful software or viruses on your computer. You can easily switch between modes from the tray icon and also choose password protect your settings, preventing other users from overriding your settings. USB Flash Drives Control worked well with several standard USB sticks we tested, however it did not block our disk-enabled iPod. The program also needs an option to allow the user to exclusions for certain devices, otherwise it may block or restrict your external CD/DVD drive or backup drive. Copyright

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