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light effect and exposure corrections Urban Lightscape enables you to add light effects and exposure corrections to your photos. It offers a unique click-and-drag manipulation method that allows you to apply adjustments to a selected portion of the image, instead of the entire photo. Each control point can be adjusted in strength and moved around as needed. The program uses edge detection localizes and interpolates lightness adjustments around and between these points. In addition, you can use the global light settings to make adjustments to all control points at once. Urban Lightscape can be used for dramatic light effects as well as subtle exposure refinements. The resulting JPG output is highly compressed (without an option to change this), which is great for sharing but not desirable for more serious image editing. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Trial Limitations: 21 day trial. Fully functional.

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Publisher Indii.org (2) Price $4.99
Version 1.4.0  history Last updated Oct 30, 2015
File Size 8.24 Mb Requirements None

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