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create animations from GIF images UnFREEz is a small animation tool that will take a series of GIF images and use them as frames to create a single, animated GIF file. Just drag and drop some GIF images as animation frames (they should all be of the same dimensions), set the frame delay time and have UnFREEz create the animation. Additional features include automatic interlacing and transparency detection and animation loop. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher WhitSoft Development Price Free
Version 2.1 Last updated Nov 27, 2001
File Size 19 Kb Requirements None

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Simple, easy and very efficient 4 stars by PScTny Feb 18, 2009
Very simple and fine tool. An "add" may be: include a "nothing" or "blank" frame inside the "add" menu to ease to generate "blink" effect. Also, I thing you have to change the strange name "UnFREEz" by, for exemple, "GifAnim" or "GifCreate" or ... Thanks show Review details
It doesn`t get much easier 5 stars by gimpguy Oct 06, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I have worked with many gifs in the past, not so much any more but when I do, UnFREEz is what I use. It doesn't get much easier, put them in, it creates the animation. That easy. Sometimes I have to create animated gifs for web sites and Ol' reliable is UnFREEz. It's great so if you haven't ever used it, I suggest giving it a go! show Review details
Does it for me 5 stars by Digitaus Sep 21, 2007
UnFREEz claims to combine gif's together to make animated gif files. That's exactly what it does and it does it easily and without fuss. I couldn't fault the way in which UnFREEz works and I certainly couldn't fault the price. Drag and drop gif's in the order you want them to display, set the time between frame changes and name the file as it is saved...Simple!! If you don't get the timing right, just change that aspect and overwrite the file. I thank the author for his good work and his generosity. Well worth the download. show Review details
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