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auto-complete words you are typing Typing Assistant helps you to auto-complete words that you are typing by selecting them from a smart popup menu that displays the closes matches to the word you are currently typing. While it can help you avoid spelling mistakes, it is not a spell checker since the suggestions are not limited to misspelled words. The program also comes with a handy feature that enables you to define shorthand commands that can be replaced with user defined words, so for example you could type `sf` and it would offer you to replace it with `snapfiles`. Typing Assistant can auto-learn from the words you use and will try to match your words more accurately based on previous choices. The program integrates seamlessly with most application. If you are an accomplished typist you will probably find Typing Assistant rather distracting, but if you are using the hunt-and-peck method this program could ease your typing efforts. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Trial Limitations: Time limited 21 day trial. Fully functional.

Typing Assistant is currently not available.

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