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makes it easy to create symbolic links Symlink Helper makes it easy to create symbolic links (symlinks) in Windows. Symbolic links are a Windows features that enables you to move a file or folder to a different location while leaving a special shortcut that makes it appear as if the file or folder are still in the same place. By using symbolic links you can move files to a different hard drive or, let's say, into your Dropbox folder without having to worry about breaking any existing shortcuts or configuration settings. Your files will be stored in the new location, but as far as other applications go, they appear to be where they've always been. You can create symlinks by launching the application and selecting the source and destination folders, or you can simply right-click on a folder on choose "Move and create link" from the context menu. Copyright

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Publisher Klocman Software (3) Price Free
Version 1.01 Last updated Apr 07, 2015
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