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analyze disk space usage Spyglass is a disk space analyzer with integrated duplicate scanning. It provides a Sunburst View of the content in a selected folder or drive, which makes it easy to spot large files or folders at a glance. You can drill down into the folder structure and right-click on an item in the chart to bring up a menu to delete or open the item in Explorer. Spyglass also offers duplicate scan that runs automatically each time you scan a folder structure. Once the scan is complete, you can click on the file icon in the upper right to view a list of all duplicate files that were found. You can then choose to delete or move selected duplicates. The duplicate scan runs automatically each time you scan a folder. If you don't want to scan for duplicates, you can stop the scan by clicking on the red status icon next to process indicator. Spyglass is easy to use and offers an attractive interface but we found it to be rather memory hungry, using between 100-200mb of RAM for most scans, which seems a bit excessive. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Spyglass is currently not available.

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