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improve Firefox startup times SpeedyFox enables you to fix fragmentation of the Firefox profile databases, which can build up over time and cause slower startup and access to browsing history and cookies. The program will compact the data in the SQLITE databases, that is used by Firefox to store your information, without loosing any of your data. Just run the software, select the profile and click a button. We tested SpeedyFox with a well-worn Firefox installation and experienced a slight but noticeable difference after running the program. SpeedyFox also works with Skype, Chrome, Thunderbird, Vivaldi, Yandex and Palemoon profiles. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Crystalidea Software (2) Price Free
Version 2.0.30  history Last updated Oct 09, 2020
File Size 1.45 Mb Requirements None

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Extremel good with no issue what so ever..... 5 stars by melen001 Jul 15, 2014 (Read all my 20 reviews)
Just ran SpeedyFox latest up-dated version and it does work and it did speed up my FireFox. You can also compact FireFox database using CCleaner. Just check the Compact Database option under FireFox and youre done. What ever SpeedyFox does I haven't read on yet but it does speed up your browsing a lot. Nice to know that give it a try and try CCleaner Compact Database option and let us all know what you experience. Does FF hog much of your resources (memory) try Firemin, this little tool will free what ever FF hogs and it is extremely light and does what its meant to do. Been using it for a few months with no issues what so ever. show Review details
Good but not excellent 3 stars by gimpguy Apr 17, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
SpeedyFox didn't really speed up Firefox at all and didn't perform any better than IE9 overall with SpeedyFox. While I won't get into debate on if this makes Firefox faster than IE even as tests show, it doesn't really matter. All browsers test differently in certain areas and over all load times can be mere milliseconds of a difference so there is no extremely slow "up to date and maintained" browser unless there are other issues on that system or other problems. That said, I didn't see any rapid improvement with SpeedyFox on 3 systems, once again, pertaining to my above statement, it's certainly not enough to wow me. Most of us do not feel a millisecond difference and I believe that's all Speedy Fox really adds if at all. I haven't had any slowdowns or other issues with Firefox and when I click, it's there and adding SpeedyFox didn't show me anything different. It's free, maybe it will speed up other peoples' browsers, I don't know but if a browser is loading correctly as does mine, I honestly don't feel you will see a difference using SpeedyFox. show Review details
It doesn't do a whole lot... 2 stars by wildgoosespeeder Apr 15, 2011 (Read all my 52 reviews)
Firefox is still just as slow as when you first install it as it is after you use this utility. I don't care. I prefer Internet Explorer 8 anyway. Internet Explorer 8 is fast after tweaking it because Microsoft knows it's own OS and knows how to make their programs run fast on it. show Review details
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