SPACEWatch (SERVER Edition)

SPACEWatch (SERVER Edition)

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network disk space managment SPACEWatch (SERVER Edition) enables you to search and analyze network space usage. It supports disk space management across Windows, Active Directory, Netware NDS, and UNIX systems. It can collect general space usage statistics as well as custom directory or file reports that can be searched and analyzed. The program offers built-in search features to identify little used areas of storage, search by department (on directory-enabled networks) or user, find duplicate files, large files and more. You can save the entire data set and later compare it to detect changes. The reports can be published in a variety of formats including HTML, Adobe Acrobat, Excel or Word. SPACEWatch also offers support for Lotus Domino system with the purchase of an additional extension. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

SPACEWatch (SERVER Edition) is currently not available.

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