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Restore blurred photos SmartDeblur enables you to potentially salvage images that have been severely blurred by slow shutter speeds or incorrect focus. The program can automatically detect the type of blur (Motion blur, Gaussian blur, Out of focus blur) and then attempts to recover the image by using a complex technique, called "Blind Deconvolution". When it comes to heavily blurred images, the program can produce great results in some cases (like the included example) but we saw just minor improvements in others. It seems that the blur needs to be "just right" for the program to work its magic - otherwise the results are just on par with other image sharpening methods like USM. If you have a blurred image that you would like to restore, definitely give SmartDeblur a try, just don't expect any miracles. There are a few settings that you can play with to change the outcome of the results, but processing is slow and multiple attempts with different settings can be very time consuming. Copyright

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Publisher Vladimir Yuzhikov Price Free
Version 2.0 beta Last updated May 09, 2013
File Size 8.95 Mb Requirements None

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