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customizable app and folder launcher Quick Cliq is a customizable application and folder launcher that you can access from anywhere on your desktop by simply using a keyboard hotkey or mouse gesture. You can easily design your own launch menu by adding shortcuts to folders, files, programs, folder menus, URLs and command line operations - add as many shortcuts as you want, create sub-menus, use custom colors, and more. In addition to custom shortcuts, the program also offers up to 9 additional clipboards (use Ctrl+# to add a new clip) and an option to store frequently used text (memos) that can be sent to an active window or placed onto the clipboard. Other features include customizable hot keys and mouse gestures for each feature, Windows Explorer integration, support for binary files (in clipboard storage), customizable menu colors, and more. Portable software, no installation required. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Apathy Softworks Price Free
Version 2.1.1  history Last updated Sep 15, 2015
File Size 618 Kb Requirements None

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Quick & easy! 5 stars by busybusy Jun 28, 2015 (Read all my 261 reviews)
The menu utility has a lot of nice features and after the install the program has a tutorial to boot to show you how to use it. You don't see that very often at all, nice job. The setup of the menus is fast and allow various options: File, Folder, Folder Menu, Folder Switch, System Shortcut, Email, URL, and Special. To add to this it allows Explorer integration so it will add items to your QuickCliq menu or sub-menu by using the Right-Click quick add option. The hot-keys allow fast access to menu and other program options like: clips, wins, memo, recent; Lots of great tools. Great tool and it is portable to boot. Two-Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it! show Review details
Probably as good as it gets 5 stars by dugsbunny Jun 20, 2013 (Read all my 7 reviews)
I've tried many of the app launcher software, and I've grown weary of all of them; that led me to re-try Quick Cliq. Mind you, QCliq is not for a beginner who is trying an app launcher for the first time. QCliq was too difficult the first time I tried it, so I went with SE-Tray lite. SE-Tray is an excellent program but its limitations forced me to migrate to sTabLauncher. sTabLauncher is another fine offering but like all dock launchers, it has a tendency to get in your way. So, on the re-try, QCliq was given first try, and it was baffling at first. But with experimentation, I soon learned how to work the menu-build screen, and we're a happy couple now. QCliq stays out of my way until I call it up with the swipe-right-click mouse motion, then my menu appears, then auto-hides as soon as a choice is selected. The program offers plenty of options to hide/show this feature or that, and I've yet to find an irritating quirk; it's a remarkably-designed app that is balanced in features, functionality, and ease-of-use. For any launcher, it has to ride in the system tray or appear by keystroke or mouse click or it will get in your way. Dock launchers--whether docked to the side, top, or bottom--just get in your way. QCliq is an excellent app that will be my keeper for a long time. show Review details
Simple solution 5 stars by Zephyr Mar 23, 2012
As per the title, I think this piece of software aptly resembles a solution. And a simple one at that. I have followed the software from it's earlier period up till now. And I have to say, although there's been some changes, the software stays true to it's original concept and theory. It's a light, simple and efficient piece of software that manages your shortcuts and launches it in the most easy way. I also liked the ability to customize almost every aspects of the program. From graphics, gestures and settings. Also packed within the launchers are some nifty little features, such as "Hide Windows", "Memos" and many more. This is truly a great software and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. show Review details
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