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script driven automation tool Phantom Sidekick is a macro utility that can be used to automate any Windows task. Actions can be recorded or scripted and played back with the click of a keystroke. The program allows you to automate any task - from logging in to e-mail account or backing up files to more complex operations such as automating a commonly used document formatting or chart creation process. Macros can also be scheduled to run using the built-in scheduler for unattended task automation. The Macro Manager and Macro Wizard provide a simple interface for macro creation and more avanced users can use the script editor to create new automation scripts and edit recorded scripts. You can also use the Macro Recorder to record your tasks, and have them automatically converted into a script that can be run with a single click. Sidekick uses the Phantom scripting language and even though you can create macros without knowing anything about Phantom, the program works best for users that are familiar with the scripting language. Copyright

Phantom Sidekick is currently not available.

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