Paragon Partition Manager Free

Paragon Partition Manager Free

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basic partition management tools Paragon Partition Manager Free is a simple partition management tool that supports basic partition management features. You can Create, Format and Delete partitions, optionally with the help of user friendly wizards. Although the GUI boasts many additional features, most of these are disabled in the free version. What you're left with is basically the same functionality that you get with the built-in Windows 8 Disk Management tools. In fact, if you have some unallocated space and want to add it to one of your existing partitions, you may want to go straight to Windows Disk Management since Partition Manager Free does not support distribution of unallocated space. If you are running an older version of Windows, Partition Manger Free may add some useful functionality but we could not find any reason to recommend this software over one of the many free competitors, which usually include many of the features the Partition Manager Free is lacking. Copyright

Paragon Partition Manager Free is currently not available.

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