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Automatic Email Classification POPFile is an email classification system, that automatically sorts your messages and fights spam. It acts as a proxy between your email program and the mail server, scanning all incoming mail and then marks the mail according to your settings. When you first install the program, it is dumb and does not perform any classification at all - it is designed to learn from your personal classifications and becomes more and more hands-off the longer you use it. POPFile keeps a history of all email messages that pass through the system and then allows you to classify each message as good, spam or any other criteria (personal, work, important etc.). These criteria are called "Buckets" and they are similar to virtual mail folders. The mail in each bucket will be tagged in a special way (subject, header), so you can instruct your email program to process it according to your preferences. POPFile does not delete any email on its own, however you can instruct your email program to act upon messages that are tagged as spam (or anything else) and have them be deleted or send to a different mail folder. The program offers an additional Quarantine option that can wrap the message in a container, allowing you to get an idea of the content, without actually opening any attachments or images of the original mail. The program uses Bayesian classification, which is highly effective an learns from your instructions. Overall, POPfile provides great flexibility and accurate filtering, however it does require at least some basic understanding of email and POP accounts in order to use it effectively. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Version 1.1.3  history Last updated Sep 06, 2011
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So far so good 5 stars by darkocean Sep 01, 2013 (Read all my 36 reviews)
It's easy to setup easy to use, now to see if it works on grabbing spam. Looks promising. show Review details
A small problem in a great program 5 stars by Wisconsin Mar 14, 2007
The only flaw I've been able to find in this program that I use everyday is that it locks up now and then. I used to be annoyed by this tendency, but then I found the cure. POPFile places an icon in the system tray. If the mouse pointer passes over that icon, POPFile crashes. Clearly, this is a flaw in an otherwise well designed program. To cure it, hide the icon. That's done by going to POPFile's configuration tab. Under Windows, in the lower right hand corner, an option says "Show POPFile icon in Windows system tray?" Change its setting to No. That eliminates the problem. Rather than clicking on the POPFile icon to make changes to the program, simply point your browser to Knowing about the icon trick raised my rating of POPFile to five stars. Of course, it would be even better if the developer fixed the problem... show Review details
Buckets of fun! 5 stars by stupidboy Jul 31, 2006 (Read all my 4 reviews)
Although I have recently switched to POPFile, I instantly found it to be simple, customizable and highly affective at sorting my mail. I have a simple configuration with two buckets, spam and clean. After less the 20 mails spam was correctly being filed inside my mail client (I use a rule to route [spam] pre-fixed mails to a folder). I have created some 'magnets' which enables me to mark mails to a particular address as spam. Any mail that get misfiled is a breeze to reclassify with the simple web interface. With all my mail in my mail client I can easily see what is right or wrong (wrong about 3 times so far). This software does not automatically re-configure your mail client, but this is in the documentation on what you need to do (sub 30 second fix if you know your mail client). A great piece of software that fits my needs a treat. show Review details
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