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email program PocoMail ia a powerful e-mail program that does not compromise your privacy or security, as PocoMail is not vulnerable to e-mail viruses. Streamlined interface never gets in your way, with many unique features that allow you to take control of your mailbox, whether you get one or 100 messages per day. Some of the features include: unique Show-Only bar, Quick Filters, built-in high-level scripting language PocoScript for advanced message processing, message templates, built-in mailing list support, view mail on server before download, HTML support, multiple accounts, multiple address books, multiple signatures, optional skins to change the application appearance, nested mailboxes, fully multi-threaded operation, display attachments inline without launching external viewer, automatic backup of your mail and program data, and many more. PocoMail focuses on making e-mail work for you. A very nice and complete e-mail program. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

PocoMail is currently not available.

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