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Increase your system responsiveness Process Lasso automatically adjusts the allocation of CPU cycles in order to prevent system slow downs or lock-ups due to excess CPU usage. The program monitors your system and temporarily lowers the priority of any processes that are consuming too many CPU cycles, thereby preventing it from stalling the system. You can customize the threshold settings and also exclude processes from being restraint. Process Lasso can also prioritize (boost) processes that run in the foreground and automatically terminate applications if they are started (based on a user-defined block list). Other features include manual setting of priorities, real-time resource usage graph and tray icon, editing of default process priorities and more. Copyright

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Publisher Bitsum Technologies (2) Price $32.95
Version  history Last updated Jun 15, 2024
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New life to an old gaming rig 5 stars by Solfire Apr 29, 2015 (Read all my 9 reviews)
You know how it is, you read about things that can help make your pc run better etc, and you're always sceptic. However occasionally you get pleasantly surprised. That was my experience with Process Lasso. I came across it when I was looking for a way to unpark my aging Quad Core CPU's cores. And discovered the standalone tool, but also the same tool embedded in Process Lasso. So, I went ahead and installed it...and my jaw dropped! It really made a difference on my 8 year old rig, where as before it would be a battle to use a window right after coming out of a full screen program, with Process Lasso, it was instant. As far as boosting my gaming, the Unpark Cores feature in it helped a lot, gaining me around 20FPS in games like Guild wars 2 and Tomb Raider 2013. I liked it so much I bought it, with Bitcoins!!!!! And the publisher is really generous by allowing me to install the license on more than one PC. Bloody great software! FULLY recommended! show Review details
More than just a task manager 5 stars by talapantas Jul 24, 2012 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This tool is not for an average pc user, seriously. It has a lot of advance features at one's disposal that can potentially cause instability of the entire system if never taken into account. However, due to what I previously said I say, is what made me use this obviously innovative software. I like how windows handles and enforces its own rules yes, but I like it even MORE when I can be the one in control of how the running applications would behave among the others. Of course familiarity with your system setup is a must so when defining set of rules, it won't inversely affect all the others but you can just leave it running as it is if you prefer to, besides, the gui itself will tell you how every running applications behave in general, and that would give you a hint as to what to do next if for some reason, you are not satisfied by the performance of the application you are running (especially resource intensive ones like games and multimedia). I just wondered why in the world the previous version (5.0 I think), has the option to classify multimedia process while the latest one doesn't have any but game process or do I miss something? show Review details
Ever used task manager and found it lacking? 5 stars by JoWazzoo Jan 20, 2009
Try Process Lasso ("PL"). This is one kewl app. The only area I did not rate as Excellent is Ease of Use. PL itself is fairly easy to use per se. The problem is you are dealing with a very complex area - the innards of your machine. An average user likely would not be drawn to either Task Manager or PL. Then again, they say "boy I wish I could" and fail to find out that they usually can - if they did a bit of leg work. One of the main uses I have for PL is forensics related to malware. It can assist you in determining that you have been had by a nasty! On a day to day basis, I use it to control regular apps that have gone off the deep-end. One of its key strengths is the ability to terminate an app when your system is in free fall. PL is nearly unique, but fills a niche. It does have a fairly steep learning curve, but is well worth it. Unlike some apps it actually is both useful and can assist you to learn about the inner wrongs of your CPU and RAM. show Review details
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