Ping Plotter 1

Ping Plotter 1

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enhanced trace route program Ping Plotter is an enhanced trace route program. It does all the things a normal trace route program does - just faster. It also adds some great features (graphing, enhanced statistics, etc.). Basically, Ping Plotter is a trace route program - but adds some graphs, plus some serious performance upgrades. It uses the multi-threading capabilities of Windows to check performance on all hops in the route at the same time. This has several advantages: 1) It s a lot faster. 2) All hops are tested at the same time - rather than many seconds apart - so the comparison is better. Another advantage of Ping Plotter is that you can set it to a continuous mode - where it will test the same route over and over again - forever if you want. That way you can watch the performance over a period of time without having to re-run the program over and over again. Copyright

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