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create optimized copies of your photos Photo Vacuum Packer is an image optimization tool designed to reduce the size of your images while maintaining their overall quality. You can use the software to save storage space, or to create size-reduced copies for emailing, uploading or archiving. There are several optimization profiles to choose from, and depending on the profile you choose, the program will automatically apply the optimum settings to achieve the desired balance of size and quality. If your photos came straight from your digital camera, you can often reduce their size by 50 percent or more, without changing their perceptual image quality. Other features include automatic duplicate detection, built-in image conversion (if your photos are not in JPEG format), optional exceptions for panoramic images and maintaining of EXIF/IPTC data. Photo Vacuum Packer saves the optimized images to a different folder, so your original photos are never changed in the process. Copyright

Photo Vacuum Packer is currently not available.

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