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advanced photo processor Photivo is an open source photo processor that can handle most common image formats as well as RAW files. If offers an impressive array of photo enhancement and adjustment options as well as denoising, sharpening, local contrast algorithms and many other advanced options. All options are organized into tabs, and there is also a keyword search that enables you to quickly locate a feature. Photivo is not a one-click photo enhancer, it is not aimed at beginners and requires some basic understanding of advanced image processing methods to achieve the best results. But even if you're not a pro, you can always play with the options and sliders and see the results in the real-time preview - your original image will not be modified. Other features include Gimp workflow integration, black and white conversion, work/preview colorspace, image resizing, tone adjustments, vignetting and more. Copyright

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Publisher Photivo Project Price Free
Version 2014.05.25  history Last updated May 26, 2014
File Size 11.7 Mb Requirements None

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Part time 5 stars by gimpguy Mar 21, 2013 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Prior my review wasn't so high since none of the filters or settings worked. I just now downloaded this again and when I first opened it and began to edit a photo, nothing worked. Everything remained grayed out, settings, everything just as before. I did a restart of the pc "whole new system I'm on" and I managed to get some of it working, but again, no settings or processing, etc... finally I closed it, reopened another image, finally it was all working. There is no corruption on my system, no spyware, etc... and this is the ONLY program that does this. I have over 15 image editors and all work flawlessly. It gets quite buggy at times and skips during use. (Most issues I am going to contact author over and hope they can be fixed) Going from that, when it does work, the filters it uses are simply excellent and I would use this over Photoshop for image enhancing any day. I couldn't believe how well and in depth this software worked on photos, especially poor quality photos. Yes this is for advanced users but I feel anyone could "with some learning" get to know this and use it to do some great photo work. If not, they ware missing out horribly. I wish I could post some of the photos I enhanced here just to show people what this is capable of. Happy to be able to use it finally. show Review details
Not intuitive. 3 stars by yassertariq Jan 17, 2013 (Read all my 90 reviews)
Powerful yet not for novices, as it has a steep learning curve. show Review details
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