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monitor and restrict application usage PC Screen Watcher is a parental control software to monitor and restrict application (and Internet) usage on your computer. The program allows you to set daily and weekly limits for applications that match certain keywords in their title - the set time limit is reached, the application will be closed. For example: You could create a rule to limit "Facebook" to 30 minutes a day, which would block any attempt to browse Facebook.com but allow all other websites (unless there are additional restrictions set). The default settings include ready-to-use rules for general Internet usage, Video sites, Media Player and more, which can be customized or extended to fit your needs. You can also create rules to make exceptions for specific keywords (e.g. educational websites). In addition to enforcing time limits, PC Screen Watcher can also capture screenshots and keystrokes and save them to a log folder or send them by email. Other features include password protected configuration (blank by default), system tray icon with time usage stats, support for multiple user accounts, and more. PC Screen Watcher offers very flexible configuration options but requires a little tech knowledge to properly configure additional restrictions - detailed documentation is available that explains the concept. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher Goppie Inc. Price Free
Version 1.3  history Last updated Jan 06, 2015
File Size 967 Kb Requirements None

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