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replace ads with custom content OverApps is a browser add-on that enables you to customize part of the ad space on the websites you visit frequently. The program uses Yontoo Layers to replace some of the ads you see with user selected apps like Facebook, Twitter, Daily Quotes, Calendar, Current Weather, Games and more. OverApps is not an ad-blocker per se, as it currently only supports two common ad sizes and does not speed up page load times (if anything, load time is increased), however, it enables you to keep some of your favorite apps and news sources in plain sight while you are browsing the web. OverApps works with IE, Firefox and Chrome. It adds a "Replace this ad" option to supported ad formats and you can choose to only replace a specific ad unit with your own content (default) or you can replace all ads that are of the same size. OverApps is a clever idea, however it only supports a few sizes (728x90 , 300x250) and there is often a rather long delay before an ad is replaced. The settings are also sensitive to the URL format, meaning your content for "www.mysite.com" will not show on "mysite.com". Copyright Snapfiles.com

OverApps is currently not available.

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