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DNS filtering server NxFilter is a DNS filtering server that is capable of filtering Internet traffic based on domain names and content categories. In addition, it can use DNS packet inspection to protect your network from malware and botnet activity. NxFilter is installed on a single PC, where it acts as a DNS proxy server. In order to route your Internet traffic through NxFilter, you will need to change the DNS settings on all machines that you want to protect to use the IP address of the NxFilter instance (instead of your regular DNS servers). Each machine that uses the NxFilter server in their DNS will be automatically protected based on your global or user based settings. You can configure the filtering options from a browser based interface (Default password: admin) that also provides statistical charts and detailed reports. NxFilter supports multiple content policies can automatically apply a certain policy to a specific user. You can also create content categories that allow you to group multiple domains into a category that can be blocked or quota limited. NxFilter can also be integrated with AD/LDAP . The easiest way to block content by category is to download a blocklist from ULRBLocklist.com (see documentation), which allows you to quickly add dozens of pre-configured categories with almost 2 million websites. NxFilter works well and offers flexible filtering options, however you should have some basic network knowledge to properly install and configure all options. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Amazing filter 5 stars by busybusy Feb 12, 2019 (Read all my 262 reviews)
I was looking for somethng to install on a friends system who was concerned on how to moderate access to URLs for their children. This tools is very simple to use and configure. I love to see the improvements to the product over time. It is a JAVA based product so make sure that you have the latest version installed. The web interface in intuitive for people to manage a stand-alone system or for sys-admins running it on a Server. show Review details
Amazing alternative to commercial filters 5 stars by cvick338 Oct 02, 2014
I work at a school and the previous IT guy bought a very expensive filter that was not user friendly at all and had to be rebooted often because filtering would randomly stop working. I got tired of it and started researching and testing alternatives. After looking at various paid filters I came across NxFilter and decided to give it a go. It is very easy to set up and get running. Within 30 minutes or so I had it running on two machines in clustered mode. After testing it for a week with no issues, I deployed it on our network. Ever since then it's been running great and handling hundreds of thousands of requests without a sweat. show Review details
Works great, easy to use, versatile, free, 5 stars by carl_miller102 Jun 26, 2014
Works great to control and monitor internet access. We use it at a school, the staff have content filtered access and the students have restricted access. You can restrict by the machine or by the IP address range. Very versatile. Very easy to setup. Fast support. It is enterprise level technology available for free! We use IP filtering and no one needs to log-in to get internet access. Makes it simple and invisible to the end users. show Review details
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