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no internet tracks browser NoTrax is a secure web browser that leaves no evidence of any Internet activity on your PC. It does not write to the registry, does not create any logs, nor does it use the index.dat file or recycle bin. All session files, cookies and cache are erased using secure deletion methods. The browser cache is kept in memory (encrypted) and erased immediately upon exit. To further increase security, NoTrax does not run Spyware, JavaScript, or ActiveX. The program runs as standalone EXE file and is independent from other system components. Except for access to the IE Favorites, it lacks most of the features you may be used to from IE or Firefox, but if privacy is your main concern, it provides an inexpensive way to keep browsing session private by switching to NoTrax as needed. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

NoTrax is currently not available.

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