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portable information manager myPortablePIM is a portable information manager that includes a daily calendar, task list with reminder alarms, address book, password manager, quick notes, RSS feeds, Gmail email checker and more. It offers a customizable interface view different view options and skins to choose from. The program is designed to be used from a PC or portable drive, no registry keys or files are written outside the program folder. Other features include integrated weather reports, support for iCal and Vcard format (import and export), multiple calendars, email support and much more. Copyright

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Publisher Luigi Ferrua (2) Price Free
Version 1.7.0  history Last updated Apr 21, 2012
File Size 40.0 Mb Requirements None

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Portable? really? 2 stars by gimpguy Sep 24, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
First of all I won't re-hash what was stated below, I agree and it's already well said so no point in repeating. I can't understand why it's 82 Mb for a portable and slow as can be but what got me the most was, it kicked off every security on my system, forcing me to constantly click to allow 5 occurrences through the firewall, get it past the antivirus and finally get to use it. Without saving any information at all, it rose up to 98 Mb, so far the most I got from this was a lot of nonsense. I then stopped the application, replugged the USB in, thinking ok, maybe this will be remembered, however, since it at least doesn't leave anything on the system, I then had to jump through all the security hoops to run this. I have many other ports that don't kick off the AV in order to run. It's not malicious or anything but just the point. It was definitely packed with features, albeit too many I think. I didn't want to connect to the internet, I just wanted to try it out and possibly use it as a portable PIM, if I wanted other portable apps, I would use them. I say, scale this down, (or at least give the option to). I think in the race to be a good portable, most authors forget one thing, the word "PORTABLE", not just this software but MANY. Just my opinion but keep it slim, basic and useful, that makes a good portable app. show Review details
Over bloated 2 stars by oteotd Sep 07, 2011 (Read all my 50 reviews)
I find that this program goes beyond a PIM. There are many things that could be eliminated to make this truly a portable PIM. Let me start with the one good thing that I found in the program. I did like the fact that it has what they call a Tracker. This nice little feature lets you keep a record of your time when you are working for others. You can start and stop the timer, not sure if you can move it from machine to machine or not but you can always edit your time. It will also export the totals to a csv file. I have tested stand alone time clocks and yet to find one that will export the totals to csv. This could be a useful feature as it goes along with client information. Now for the not so good. This program is nearly 40mb. Other portable PIM's I have tested and use are under 10mb and usually in the single digits. The program also runs slower than other portable PIM's. This program comes with the following unneeded features for a PIM. Program Launcher. If I wanted a program launcher I would get a dedicated one. Web Search. Why, almost every browser has built in web search now. Image Viewer. Really? In a PIM? Weather. Not only can you get weather from any browser which will be better and faster and you choose the site you want. The weather this program uses is powered by Weather Bug like it or not. One last thing, why is the mail limited to Gmail? Why not any POP/SMTP mail? If you do not use Gmail this feature is also a waste. show Review details
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