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automatic video editor muveeRevealX is a fully automatic video editor that enables you to create a finished production from a combination of photos and video files, without the need for any manual video editing. Simply load your images and/or video files, choose an editing style and muveeRevealX will do the rest. The program includes 5 customizable editing styles to choose from (additional style can be purchased), each includes dynamic video effects and background music. You can optionally adjust the effect settings and also use your own background music instead. muveeRevealX uses advanced signal analysis on the raw video and on the music, enabling it to create dynamic videos that are in sync with the background music. You can optionally put emphasis on certain scenes, exclude segments, insert animated text sequences, boost the original soundtrack, and more. The resulting videos can be saved to a variety of formats, including YouTube, iPhone, DVD, Facebook and many others. Copyright

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muveeRevealX is currently not available.

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