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control 3 PCs with one keyboard/mouse Multiplicity enables a user to control up to 2 PCs from a single mouse and keyboard. It allows you to have 3 networked computers, each with it`s own monitor, but no need for individual mice and keyboards - you can control them all from your main mouse and keyboard. The program works remarkably easy, just move your mouse beyond the edge of the screen and it will appear on the monitor to your left or right and allow you to control the computer. As long as your mouse is on the secondary PC, all your keyboard input will be directed to the computer as well. To return to your main PC, simply move the mouse back onto your screen. You need to install Multiplicity on each computer to be controlled and designate one as the primary and up to 2 as secondary PCs. In addition to controlling the PCs, you can also share clipboard content. Other features include password protection and IP security. An optional Pro version is also available that supports up to 9 computers. Copyright

Trial Limitations: No time limit. Some features disabled.

Multiplicity is currently not available.

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