Macrium Reflect (Free Edition)

Macrium Reflect (Free Edition)

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backup your disk partitions Macrium Reflect Free Edition enables you to create complete backups of your disk partitions, including operating system, installed programs and all your settings. Using disk images instead of simple file backups allows you to restore your system to the same state in the event of a system crash or hardware failure. The backup disk images can be saved to a local folder, external drives, a network location or burned to a Linux based or BartPE rescue CD/DVD. Macrium Reflect Free Edition can backup your system partition from within Windows by taking advantage of the Volume Shadow Copy service.Other features include mounting and exploring of backup images, optional compression, a built-in scheduler for automated backups and creation of recovery media. Copyright

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Publisher Paramount Software UK Ltd Price Free
Version 8.0.7784  history Last updated Dec 01, 2023
File Size 2.94 Mb Requirements None

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Excellent software - free version saved .. 5 stars by radioholic384 May 11, 2022
Got a warning from Windows 7 that my hard drive would soon crash & burn. I went online and ordered another (mechanical) drive and downloaded Macrium Reflect free home version and saved a copy of my C: drive to an external usb disk. I ordered a 4 gig drive to replace the bad 2-gig drive. My windows 7 wasis only mbr -(vrs)- gpt and only sees the drive as 2gb, but I can live with it. I updated the bios and all that, but the machine is just to old to do a conversion to uefigpt. Anyway, the software worked A1 and I was back up and running in no time. It was a pretty easy process. This program does it's job well! show Review details
Fast cloning tool 5 stars by rudi.mouthaan354 Jun 09, 2021
Creating a master image of your computer. deploying the master image to other computers takes just under 10 minutes. show Review details
Good 3 stars by rollingsky2017834 Jul 06, 2017
Macrium Reflect Free Edition is a quite good system, it enables you to create complete backups of your disk partitions, including operating system, installed programs, and all your settings. show Review details
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