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merge MP3 files into an album MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker allows you to join selected MP3 files into a single file that is compatible with any MP3 player and tag editor. The resulting file is basically a single, large MP3 file that contains the copy-merged tracks. The program can also unpack any album that was created with the software. Copyright

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Publisher Makeitone Price Free
Version 3.61  history Last updated Jan 03, 2011
File Size 433 Kb Requirements .NET Framework 1

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It is almost magical 5 stars by brutallyblue Jan 04, 2014 (Read all my 8 reviews)
This is a hidden gem of a program. I have used it for about four months. I am a local DJ and have a small mailing list of people that want to keep up with my personal Top 10 each week. What I used to do was send out an email with the list of the week's 10 songs, and then a link so the people on my mailing list could download them, one by one from my skydrive. Now, each week in their mailboxes, they get (ONE) MP3 which plays the ten songs in sequence. Everyone loves the new format. A LOT. The other day, I was working on a project for myself and I had about 100 songs lined up. I wanted to make one gigantic MP3. Before I clicked on the start button, I figured this is going to go either two ways: it is going to freeze and as Windows puts it, "stopped responding", OR it would work but take forever. It processed the 100 songs so fast and did so perfectly I didn't even notice. Like an earlier reviewer remarked, I too, thought I had dome something wrong, too, because I saw no action. Turns out, like TEN SECONDS later, it had all 100 songs slammed together to make the one MP3 (and that part took like 30 seconds). It is a workhorse and I can't recommend it enough. Whether you are really into music, or you work with music in any capacity, download this powerful little application. show Review details
Perfect 5 stars by leucippus Jan 26, 2008 (Read all my 20 reviews)
It's a long story, but I needed to "mend together" 16 small mp3 fragments. This baby took care of my problem in less than a second. (I'm serious, I thought I must have done something wrong, because I didn't see it do anything!) show Review details
Explorer compatability problems (xp). 3 stars by MxLoon Sep 02, 2007
I have only used the join functionality. It works, producing an album file (the original mp3 files can be extracted again) which plays like a single mp3 file. This is good. Not so good is that I found my Windows XP (Home) Explorer display would not correctly show the tag field values after conversion (many showing as empty) and I could not correct these in my favourite tag editors. Also the Join function interface is a little annoying in that I cannot control file names and Title, Album, Author and so on, because of the way the default settings work. All too constraining and too fiddly, with it re-presenting options and settings that I did not want each time, whilst not remembering those I did want. I had to re-edit several of these Tags after conversion. To make a truly merged mp3 file that did not contain all the original information and files (which is what I really wanted), I had to reconvert with another tool afterwards. Overall though it has potential to be very useful. show Review details
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