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MJPEG Surveillance

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video motion surveillance recorder MJPEG Surveillance is a video motion surveillance recorder for DirectX and IP cameras that uses the M-JPEG format (Motion JPEG) to record high quality motion video. You can configure the motion detection sensitivity and area, add an optional text or date overlay and also adjust the JPG frame quality. Each recording sequence is appended to the MJPEG file and stored in a dated folder, providing you with a single recording file for each day. MJPEG Surveillance can record video from an unlimited number of cameras simultaneously while using very little CPU and memory resources. Other features include customizable motion detection grid, variable based output paths, optional JPG capture, and more. The program includes a M-JPEG player (with some editing features) as well as a conversion tool that can output the .MJPEG video to other formats. MJPEG Surveillance works with virtually all IP cams and DirectX web cams. Copyright Snapfiles.com

MJPEG Surveillance is currently not available.

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