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Metro-style desktop sidebar MetroSidebar bring back a taste of the old Windows Vista sidebar functionality, optimized for the Windows 8 desktop environment. The sidebar offers live tiles, similar to the Modern UI Start Screen, that allow you to keep bits of information available on your desktop without sacrificing much space. Unfortunately, besides the fact that MetroSidebar is perfectly designed to match your Windows 8 desktop environment, there is not much else to brag about. It only offers 10 live tiles to choose from, most of them rather boring and generic (clock, weather, media player, Bing search etc.) and customization options are very limited. The built-in tile library promises additional online content to be made available soon. Until then, you should probably look at MetroSidebar as a proof of concept, that may have future potential as a useful addition to your Windows 8 desktop. Copyright

MetroSidebar is currently not available.

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