MegaPointer Premium Personal Edition

MegaPointer Premium Personal Edition

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annotation tools for presentations MegaPointer Premium is a software application for multimedia presentations, interactive lessons, web conferences and diverse educational activities. It allows you to apply real-time desktop and cursor effects to annotate important parts of your presentation, regardless of the document format. The program adds a desktop overlay that allows you to add arrows, pointer lines, shapes, number boxes, text annotations, transparent marker lines and other object to help you bring your point across. You can easily move objects around by dragging them and remove them with a right-click of your mouse. MegaPointer also offers an enlarged mouse cursor and a spotlight mode that will dim the desktop an highlight the area around your mouse pointer. Other features include pause screens, four colors to choose from, and an option to hide/show the MegaPointer panel when it's not in use. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 15 day trial. Fully functional.

MegaPointer Premium Personal Edition is currently not available.

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