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desktop search tool Lookeen Free creates and index of your hard drive(s) and allows you to search for files by using a keyword search that returns almost instant results. Unlike other desktop search tools, Lookeen not only indexes file name but also the (text) content of files. The search results are displayed in a list view that can be sorted by column and filtered by file type, name and time. Each results includes a preview of the file content (if available), but not necessarily the keyword results in context. You can configure index updates to occur automatically every few hours and choose which drives, folders and file types (extensions) you want to include in the index. The initial indexing process can be very time consuming and may take a while to complete. Subsequent index updates are faster and can be scheduled to occur during night hours or other times when you are not using your computer much. If you need a search tool that can find keywords that not only occur in the file name but also in the file content, and you don't mind the overhead of a large index, give Lookeen a try. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Lookeen Free is currently not available.

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