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may help locate a stolen PC LocatePC can (slightly) increase your chances to recover a stolen laptop computer. It runs automatically whenever the computer is started and send a secret email message, containing the IP address of the current Internet connection, along with details for the network location, which may help to identify the thief. The email is sent once a day or whenever the IP address changes (or both). Unfortunately, these type of products have been around for a number of years, so the chances that a professional thief will connect a stolen PC to the Internet without cleaning the drive content first are rather slim. Then again, you never know ... and since the software is free it doesn`t hurt to have it. What may annoy you though is that there is no way to bypass the message sending, so you will receive an email every day and whenever your IP address changes. LocatePC requires access to a POP3 account in order to send the message. Copyright Snapfiles.com

LocatePC is currently not available.

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