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personal firewall Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is a personal firewall that checks all incoming and outgoing data streams only permits actions that are safe or have been authorized by you. It runs at application level, allowing you to grant or deny specific behavior to selected programs. The program uses easy to understand rule definitions, rather than complicated port and protocol configurations whenever possible. You can choose from 5 different security levels that are available as presets and also customize the rules and create new ones according to your personal security requirements. Like most personal firewalls, Kasperski Anti-Hacker also comes with a learning mode, that prompts the user each time an application uses the internet for the first time and based on your answers, it automatically creates the rules for you. The low-level data interceptor allows information filtration before it is processed by other applications and provides intrusion protection from the latest forms of hacker attack, including Ping Of Death attacks, Land-attacks, TCP and UDP port scanning and DoS attacks. SmartStealth protects your ports and makes the systems become fully invisible to the outside. Additional features include a connection monitor, port monitor, detailed logging and more. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is currently not available.

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