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reduce the size of your JPEG phtotos Romeolight JPEGmicro can reduce the file size of your JPEG images by up to 90% or more. The program offers two optimization modes. The "Lossless Compression" reduces the file size without any degradation of image file quality, albeit this only results in moderate file size savings, usually less than 10 percent. The most effective (and most common) method is "Lossy Compression" which allows you to adjust the JPEG compression level to greatly reduce the file size while sacrificing some image quality. As long as you use a compression level around 80 percent, the quality loss is negligible and you can seriously reduce the size of your files by 80 to 90 percent without noticeable image degradation. JPEGmicro can also strip EXIF/XMP and ICC color profiles from your images, which can further reduce the file size and remove potentially private information (GPS data, camera owner etc.) from your photos. Copyright

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