Corner Bowl Disk Monitor

Corner Bowl Disk Monitor

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monitor disk space usage Corner Bowl Disk Monitor is a network enabled disk space monitoring solution that enables you to keep an eye on free disk space, receive SMART predictive disk failure notifications and perform automated routine maintenance tasks. The program runs as a local service that continuously monitors local and remote hard drives and triggers and alert if any of them the specified alert criteria. Alert options include email, SMS, CMD, SNMP Trap, Tray Popup, Syslog message and more. Corner Bowl Disk Monitor can also be configured to defragment a monitored disk or to delete temporary files on a regular schedule. In addition to alerts and maintenance, the program can also monitor directory sizes, generate disk utilization summary reports, save history of file and folder changes, and more. Other features include historical charts, Active Directory integration, customizable alert actions, publishing of reports to a local web server and more. A single installation of Corner Bowl Disk Monitor can monitor an entire network, no installation is required on the remote machines. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 20 day trial. Some features disabled.

Corner Bowl Disk Monitor is currently not available.

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