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monitor and block software installations InstallGuard is designed to prevent unauthorized software installations on a computer. The program resides in the system tray and watches for running processes with specific keywords in the process name. By default, it looks for "Setup" and MSIEXEC", and there is an option to add additional keywords to the list. If it detects a software installation, it will block the process and display a customizable alert message, informing the user that installations are not allowed. You can set exceptions on a per-user basis and also look at logs to review blocked installations and system changes. We found that InstallGuard works correctly with some of the common installers but not nearly with all of them. Several installers (even Danusoft's own products) where not blocked at all, and in other cases, we simply renamed the installer to something without "setup" in the file name and were able to install without problems. Given the fact that InstallGuard is still in a beta phase, we hope to see future improvements. With a reliable detection engine, it could provide an interesting alternative to group policies and system account restrictions. Until then however, you should not rely on InstallGuard to actually prevent most software installations. Copyright

InstallGuard is currently not available.

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