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reduce your ink consumption InkSaver allows you to reduce the amount of ink used by inkjet printers. Based on your preference, you can reduce ink usage by up to 75%, while maintaining good quality and high resolution, especially in the 25% area. Unlike the "Draft" option that comes with your printer settings, InkSaver does not reduce ink usage by printing low resolution, but intelligently reduces the amount of ink use, maintaining high resolution output. Basically the colors will fade a little, the more you increase the ink savings percentage. This is clearly visible at maximum savings mode, but barely noticeable around the 25% area. The program works fully automatically after installation, and all you need to do is adjust the level of ink savings that you want to use. An optional tray icon also provides quick access to change the default level, so you can easily print high quality documents as needed. InkSaver also offers an Ink Savings Estimator that can calculate how much money you will save based on your yearly usage and price you pay for a cartridge. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 15 day trial.

InkSaver is currently not available.

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