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icon editor and manager IconCool Manager is a tool to manage, keep, modify, search, extract, convert, create, enlarge and contract icons. An icon library with dozens of sample entries is included and accessible through a tree-style organizational system, allowing you to categorize icons and create new classes and sublibraries within them. You can search icon in the library by keyword and add or edit the keyword of any icon. An icon search, extraction, and conversion tab lets you view icons within files and save them in various sizes as ICO, CUR, ICL, GIF, JPG, EMF, WBMP or BMP images. You can also convert image files and create icons and add to the icon library. IconCool Manager has some special functions - it can enlarge or contract a transparent icon, and the new icon will be transparent too. It can also convert any part of a picture to a transparent icon by only draging your mouse. IconCool Manager includes 1300 sample icons which are free for registered users. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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