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IIS compression tool httpZip is an IIS server module that allows you to compress HTTP web content before serving it to the visitor, thereby reducing costs, improve page load times and leverages your current server resources. Even though IIS offers built-in standard compression, the functionality is very limited and can only be applied server wide. httpZIP not only allows you to configure the compression by site, but also MIME type, file extension or even browser specific. It takes compression even farther by employing optional white space removal and other forms of safe HTML/CSS compression. The built-in caching feature allows pages to be accessed in pre-compressed format, minimizing unnecessary recompression. The software can be completely customized to adjust compression rules for particular files, directories, data types and more. httpZip provides both a standalone- and an MMC-based interface for server administrators, as well as a COM interface for ASP, .NET and ColdFusion developers looking to directly control compression for their web pages. Compression rates can produce up to 70-98% in bandwidth savings. Also included comes a web based report interface that allows you to monitor bandwidth usage and savings. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

httpZip for IIS is currently not available.

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