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find files and programs Guillotine enables you to quickly find and access files, programs and bookmarks, as well as web search results by simply typing a keyword into a small input dialog. The interface is about as plain and simple as it gets, limited to a simple space to type the keyword, but the features that make the program work are actually quite powerful. Guillotine can index folders of your choice, as well as browser bookmarks and Outlook contacts, and reveals instant results with items that match the keyword. Furthermore it includes a variety of online search commands, that allow you to search for a keyword in popular online resources. For example, as search for `keyword` would use your local folders to return results, but adding the command `u` to it (`u keyword`) would return results for that keyword from YouTube, with other commands available for eBay, Craigslist, MySpace and various other sites. Copyright

Guillotine is currently not available.

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