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public-key cryptography tool GnuPT is a strong encryption tool that combines GnuPG and WinPT into an easy to use application to encrypt text and email messages. The program uses public-key cryptography, which makes it more secure than password-only encryption (but a little less convenient than simple password encryption). To share an encrypted message or file, both parties must first exchange their public keys. Once the keys have been exchanged you can securely exchange messages with the confidence that only the intended recipient will be able to decrypt the content. To encrypt a text message, simply copy the content to the clipboard, select the "Encrypt Clipboard" option from the tray icon and paste the encrypted text message back into the application. You can also use GnuPT to encrypt any kind of file or document via the drag-n drop file manager. Other features include digital signatures, key server exchanges, support for photo ID, and more. Copyright

GnuPT is currently not available.

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