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reduce the file size of your GIF animations Romeolight GIFmicro is an optimization tool for GIF animations that enables you to reduce the file size of your animated GIFs by optimizing the color palette and removing unneeded data. The program offers two optimization modes. The "Lossless Compression" mode reduces the file size without any degradation of image file quality, and the "Lossy Compression" which reduces the file size by optimizing the global color table, which will result in some quality loss but can achieve smaller file sizes. You can try both modes and also adjust the optimization factors to see which settings work best for your images - the optimized versions are saved to a folder on your desktop without overwriting your original animations. GIFmicro also includes and option to resize the dimensions of your GIF images as well as a built-in GIF preview. Copyright

Romeolight GIFmicro is currently not available.

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