Greenfish Relief Map Generator

Greenfish Relief Map Generator

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create random map images Greenfish Relief Map Generator is a unique program that enables you to create fake map images that resemble real relief maps, but are completely random. You can customize the map colors, load city names from a text file and also set the map size and amount of water to use. The result can be exported to a BMP image. The program is useful if you need map displays for demonstration without infringing on any copyrights. Copyright

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Publisher Greenfish Software (2) Price Free
Version 1.4 Last updated May 19, 2008
File Size 247 Kb Requirements None

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It's not half bad 3 stars by gimpguy Jul 23, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
But it's got it's downfalls. It's great for a basic map, that's about it. I looked through the town db's and created my own text doc called English, added some towns and sure enough, they are now listed on the map when I choose it. Changing color, grid, water, etc... is easy enough. The main issue I see with this "currently" is even when choosing only 2 town names for example, you still get multiple duplicate towns on the map with that name. There is not much in the way of choosing the shapes of the map obviously so unless you have an rpg that will be specific to this map, these would not match the destinations nor can you change town locations. Future things I hope to see...
Drag towns around map
Create town points by clicking and rename towns individually
Changing shape of land as individual land parts, perhaps two separate random seed generators
Add N/S/E/W
At least, perhaps user plugins or add ons to this. Well, it's free and in my opinion will be far more useful in the future, just currently it's very limited. Will be looking forward to enhancements made to this nifty program. show Review details
Excellent for RPGs. 4 stars by Eric_P Mar 06, 2008
This is a great way to generate a map for your table top RPG. It's still in its early stages, so there could be some other features added (like keeping the town names visible near the edges of the map) but an excellent start. I've linked to it on my blog and will use it regularly. show Review details
No use, but fun! :-) 4 stars by BurningRopeCom Feb 11, 2008 (Read all my 13 reviews)
I can't think of a practical USE for this, but it is quite fun to feed it a list of local villages and see it make an imaginary map of them! :-) Might be handy for role playing games to have a random countryside generated, but it`s fun to play with for a while! show Review details
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